56. Cracow School of Theoretical Physics


A Panorama of Holography

May 24 - June 1, 2016
Zakopane, Poland



  1. Zoltan Bajnok (Budapest) How Integrability Works for AdS/CFT (blackboard talk)
  2. Jan de Boer (Amsterdam) Entanglement and its Applications (blackboard talk)
  3. Jacob Bourjaily (NBI, Copenhagen) The Vernacular of the S-Matrix (1.pdf) (2.pdf) (3.pdf)
  4. Alejandra Castro (Amsterdam) Higher Spin Black Holes (blackboard talk)
  5. Umut Gursoy (Utrecht) AdS/QCD and the Quark-gluon Plasma ( .pdf)
  6. Michal Heller (Perimeter Institute) Holography, Thermalization
    and Heavy Ion Collisions
    (1.pdf) (2.pdf) (3.pdf)
  7. Vladimir Kazakov (Paris) New Integrable 3D and 4D QFT's
    from Strongly Twisted N=4 SYM
    ( .pdf)
  8. Karl Landsteiner (UAM Madrid) Anomalous Transport:
    Theory and Applications
    (1.pdf) (2.pdf) (3.pdf)
  9. Miguel Paulos (CERN) Conformal Bootstrap (blackboard talk) and ( .pdf)
  10. Jan Plefka (Berlin) Yangian Symmetry in N=4 super Yang-Mills theory (1.pdf) (2.pdf)
  11. Adam Schwimmer (Weizmann Institute) Trace Anomalies and Constraints
    on Renormalization Group Flows
    ( .pdf)
  12. Konstantin Zarembo (Nordita) Localization: from Exact Results to Holography (blackboard talk)


  1. Xinyi Chen-Lin (Nordita) Holographic Wilson Loops in N = 2* SYM Theory ( .pdf)
  2. Brandon DiNunno (University of Texas at Austin) Thermodynamics and Bosonic Excitations of Holographic Metals ( .pdf)
  3. Aleksander Garus (ETH Zurich) Classical Yangian Invariance of N=4 SYM ( .pdf)
  4. Oskar Henriksson (University of Colorado at Boulder) Holography from the Top Down ( .pdf)
  5. Minkyoo Kim (Wigner Research Centre for Physics, Budapest) Three point correlators in N=4 SYM
  6. Philipp Kleinert (University of Oxford) Thermalisation of Wightman Two-Point Functions
    in AdS/CFT
    ( .pdf)
  7. Julija Markeviciute (University of Cambridge) Hairy Black Holes in AdS5xS5 ( .pdf)
  8. Maciej Matuszewski (Durham University) AdS/CFT Model of Meson Decay ( .pdf)
  9. Eugenio Megias (Max Planck Institut fur Physik, Munich) Out-of-Equilibrium Energy Flow
    and Etanglement Entropy in AdS/CFT
    ( .pdf)
  10. Benjamin Meiring (University of Cape Town) The Cusp of Anomalous Dimension in GPPZ ( .pdf)
  11. Alvaro Veliz-Osorio (Queen Mary University of London) A story of Chaos and Purity ( .pdf)
  12. Jack Williams (University of Cambridge) Twistor Methods for AdS5 ( .pdf)