63. Cracow School of Theoretical Physics


  1. Sebastiano BERNUZZI mail (University of Jena)
    Extreme Matter Constraints from Neutron Star Mergers and Gravitational Waves (.pdf)
  2. David BLASCHKE mail (University of Wrocław)
    Density Functional Approach to Neutron Star Astrophysics (.pdf)
  3. Christoph BLUME mail (University of Frankfurt)
    The QCD Phase Diagram at High Densities -- An Experimental Overview (1.pdf, 2.pdf)
  4. Catalina CURCEANU mail (INFN, Frascati)
    Kaonic Atoms at the DAΦNE Collider in Italy: a Strangeness Odyssey (.pdf)
  5. Volker FRIESE mail (GSI, Darmstadt)
    Exploring Dense QCD Matter With the CBM Experiment (.pdf)
  6. Francesco GIACOSA mail (Jan Kochanowski University)
    Neutron Stars in the Large-Nc Limit (.pdf)
  7. Volker KOCH mail (LBL, Berkeley)
    Exploring the QCD Phase Diagram with Fluctuations and Correlations (.pdf)
  8. Stanisław MRÓWCZYŃSKI mail (National Centre for Nuclear Research, Warsaw)
    The Earliest Phase of Relativistic Heavy-Ion Collisions (.pdf)
  9. Peter PETRECZKY mail (Brookhaven)
    Progress in Lattice QCD at Non-Zero Temperature and Density (1.pdf, 2.pdf)
  10. Ralf RAPP mail (TAMU, College Station)
    T-Matrix Approach to QGP (.pdf)
  11. Paul ROMATSCHKE mail (University of Colorado, Boulder)
    Quantum Field Theory in Large N Wonderland (.pdf) (arXiv version)
  12. Anar RUSTAMOV mail (GSI, Darmstadt)
    Deciphering Phase Transitions via Event-by-Event Particle Number Fluctuations and Correlation (.pdf)
  13. Mikhail STEPHANOV mail (University of Illinois, Chicago)
    QCD Critical Point and the Predictable Randomness of Relativistic Fluids (.pdf)
  14. Laura TOLOS mail (Institute of Space Sciences, UAB, Barcelona)
    Dense Hadronic Matter in Neutron Stars (.pdf)
  15. Aleksi VUORINEN mail (University of Helsinki)
    High-Density Constraints for Neutron-Star Matter (.pdf)


  1. Xin AN mail (National Centre for Nuclear Research)
    QGP Physics From Attractor Perturbations (.pdf)
  2. Mateusz BAJDA mail (Jagiellonian University)
    The Status of Open Charm Measurements in NA61/SHINE Experiment (.pdf)
  3. Sylwia BAZAK mail (Jan Kochanowski University)
    Stability of Cassical Chromodynamic Fields (.pdf)
  4. Samapan BHADURY mail (Jagiellonian University)
    Relativistic Spin-Magnetohydrodynamics From Kinetic Theory (.pdf)
  5. Asaad DAHER mail (Institute of Nuclear Physics, PAS)
    Entropy Production in Spin Hydrodynamics (.pdf)
  6. Yuki FUJIMOTO mail (INT, University of Washington)
    Momentum Shell in Quarkyonic Matter from Explicit Duality: A Solvable Model Analysis (.pdf)
  7. Christoph GÄRTLEIN mail (University of Coimbra)
    How Radial Oscillations Can Help to Probe the Onset of the Deconfinement Phase Transition and Special Points in Hybrid Stars (.pdf)
  8. Seth GRABLE mail (University of Colorado, Boulder)
    Semiclassical Solution of Twelve Flavor Chiral QCD in the Continuum (.pdf)
  9. Bartosz GRYGIELSKI mail (Jagiellonian University)
    Scattering Amplitudes in New Wilson Line-Based Formulation of Gluodynamics (.pdf)
  10. Szymon HARABASZ mail (TU Darmstadt)
    Statistical Hadronization Model for Au-Au Collisions at SIS18 Energies (.pdf)
  11. Morgan KUCHTA mail (University of Wroclaw)
    Mass And Possible Quantum Numbers of X(6900) (.pdf)
  12. Valeriya MYKHAYLOVA mail (University of Wrocław)
    Charm Quark Production in Hot QCD From the Quasiparticle Perspective (.pdf)
  13. Dávid PESZNYÁK mail (Eotvos Lorand University)
    Fighting the Sign Problem in a Chiral Random Matrix Model with Contour Deformations (.pdf)
  14. Bikram Keshari PRADHAN mail (Inter University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics, Pune)
    Probing Hadron-Quark Mixed Phase in Twin Stars Using f-Modes (.pdf)
  15. Sarthak SATAPATHY mail (Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee)
    A Quantum Field Theoretic Approach Based Study of Transport Coefficients of a Rotating QCD Matter (.pdf)
  16. Udita SHUKLA mail (University of Wroclaw)
    Speed of Sound in a Dynamical Quark Model (.pdf)
  17. Leonardo TINTI mail (Jan Kochanowski University)
    Quantum Effects in the Early Stages of the Expansion (.pdf)
  18. Oleksandr VITIUK mail (University of Wroclaw)
    Equation of State of Strongly Interacting Matter for Hydrodynamical Simulations of Heavy-Ion Collisions (.pdf)
  19. Maximilian WIEST mail (TU Darmstadt)
    In-Medium Vector Meson Spectral Functions from FRG (.pdf)
  20. Elizaveta ZHEREBTSOVA mail (University of Wroclaw)
    Exploring the Diagram of High-Energy Nuclear Collisions With the NA61/SHINE Experiment at the CERN SPS (.pdf)