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Gernot Akemann

Universality in Non-Hermitian Random Matrix Theory

Jan Ambjorn

A new scaling limit for matrix models

Marek Bożejko

Generalized Gaussian processes,random matrices and BMV(Bessis-Moussa-Villani) conjecture

Stanisław Drożdż

Asymmetric Random Matrices: what do we need them for?

Vyacheslav Girko

Theory of Stochastic canonical equations and its application in physics

Thomas Guhr

Doorway States Coupled to a Background: Fidelity and Survival Probability

Eugene Kanzieper

Universal quantum transport in chaotic cavities and Painleve transcendents

Boris Khoruzhenko

How many eigenvalues of a truncated orthogonal matrix are real?

M Howard Lee

3-cycles in the logistic map and Sharkovskii theorem

Giacomo Livan

Eigenvalues and Singular Values of Products of Rectangular Gaussian Random Matrices

Satya Majumdar

Distribution of Bipartite Entanglement of a Random Pure State

Ralf Metzler

Aging correlation functions: theory and experiment

Aris L. Moustakas

Living at the Edge: A Large Deviations Approach to the Outage MIMO Capacity

M.A. Nowak

Random crowds: diffusion of large matrices

Thomas Seligman

A Random matrix theory of decoherence

Jack Silverstein

Estimating Population Eigenvalues From Large Dimensional Sample Covariance Matrices

Piotr Śniady

Representations of Lie groups and random matrix

Gabor Vattay

Complex Geography of the Internet Network

Pierpaolo Vivo

Phase transitions in the quantum conductance problem

Bartłomiej Wacław

Random matrices in biological evolution

Karol Życzkowski

Random quantum states, products of Ginibre matrices and Fuss-Catalan distributions


Przemysław Borys

On the frequency of excercising in Vojta treatment of infants

Gabriela Dudek, Przemysław Borys, Zbigniew J. Grzywna

Implementing the frequency filtering into a dictionary image

Jeremi K. Ochab, Paweł F. Góra

Shift of percolation thresholds for epidemic spread between static and dynamic small-world networks

Pedro Vidal

Dynamical Typicality: Convergence of time evolved macro-observables to their mean values in random matrix models

Piotr Warchoł, M. A. Nowak

A dynamical random matrix toy model with spectral phase transition

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