Cracow School of Theoretical Physics
  May 27 - June 5, 2006, Zakopane, POLAND


  1. H. Bialkowska (Warsaw): Wounded nucleons, wounded quarks and relativistic nuclear collisions
  2. A. Bakulev (Dubna): Sum rules: from Quantum Mechanics to QCD [part 1] [part 2]
  3. W. Florkowski: Pion correlations in hydro-inspired models with resonances
  4. B. Jacak (StonyBrook): Nature's first liquid: Quark Gluon Plasma
  5. D. Kharzeev (BNL): QCD at the high energy/density frontier
  6. L. McLerran (BNL): Colored glass and glasma
  7. L. Motyka(DESY/Krakow): Symmetric and non-symmetric saturation
  8. S. Munier (Ecole Polytechnique): Cross-fertilization of QCD and statistical physics:
    high energy scattering, reaction-diffusion, selective evolution, spin glasses and their connections [part 1]
    [part 2]
  9. A. Nakamura (Hiroshima): Lattice study of gluon viscosities: a step towards RHIC physics
  10. R. Peschanski (Saclay): QCD and dynamical phase transitions [part 1] [part 2]
  11. J. Rafelski (Arizona): Status of strangeness-flavor signature of Quark Gluon Plasma
  12. Ch. Royon (Saclay/Fermilab): Hard diffraction
  13. Ch. Sachrajda (Southampton): Lattice flavordynamics [part 1] [part 2]
  14. Y. Sinyukov (Kiev): Matter evolution and soft physics in high energy heavy ion collisions
  15. G. Soyez (Saclay): High energy QCD: evolution of scattering amplitudes
  16. P. Seyboth (Munich): Onset of Deconfinement in Pb+Pb collisions at the Cern SPS
  17. R. Venugopalan (BNL): From Glasma to Plasma: particle production in the Color Glas Condensate [part 1] [part 2] [part 3]
  18. J. Wosiek (Krakow/UJ): Solving some gauge systems at infinite N [picture]


  1. E. Avsar (Lund): Energy conservation and pomeron loops in high energy evolution
  2. A. Bzdak (Krakow/UJ): Exclusive J/psi production in pp and ppbar collisions and the QCD Odderon
  3. M. Chojnacki (Krakow/IFJ PAN): Characteristic form of boost-invariant
    and cylindrically non-symmetric hydrodynamical equations
  4. A. Janda (Krakow/UJ): Spherically symmetric solutions of the Einstein-Bach equations
  5. J. Kotanski (Krakow/UJ): Supersymmetric Yang-Mills quantum mechanics in 4 dimensions for SU(2) gauge group
  6. C. Marquet (SPhT/Saclay): The high-energy limit of the DIS and DDIS cross-sections in QCD
  7. R. Pasechnik (Moscow State U.): Some questions on quantum anomalies
  8. A. Pimikov (Dubna): Self-consistent gaussian model of  nonperturbative QCD vacuum
  9. D. Prorok (Wroclaw Univ.): Global variables for various centralities at RHIC: a Cracow Model approach
  10. S. Sapeta (Krakow/UJ): Heavy Flavours in DGLAP improved Saturation Model
  11. V. Soma (Krakow/IFJ PAN): Diagrammatic calculation of thermodynamical quantities in nuclear matter
(*) - title to be confirmed, (t.b.a) - to be announced