Cracow School of Theoretical Physics, XLIX Course, 2009
and 2009 ENRAGE Topical School


  1. Jan Ambjorn (NBI) - ambjorn at
    Quantum Gravity: The Self-Organizing Universe
  2. Jean-Paul Blaizot (Saclay) - Jean-Paul.Blaizot at
    Large Nc Confinement, Universal Shocks and Random Matrices
  3. Bergfinnur Durhuus (Copenhagen) - durhuus at
    Selected Problems in Random Surface Theory
  4. Domenec Espriu (Barcelona) - espriu at
    Gravity as an Effective Theory (1.pdf )
  5. Jeffrey Greensite (San Francisco) - greensit at
    Some Current Approaches to the Confinement Problem (1.pdf )
  6. Thordur Jonsson (Iceland) - thjons at
    Random Trees (1.pdf )
  7. Daniel Litim (Sussex) - litim at
    Non-perturbative Gravitation and the Renormalisation Group
  8. Renate Loll (Utrecht) - R.Loll at
    CDT and the Quest for Observables
  9. Pawel O. Mazur (S.Carolina) - mazur at
    Black Holes and the Idea of Emergent Gravitation
  10. Emil Mottola (Los Alamos) - emil at
    Dark Energy & Condensate Stars (1.pdf), (2.pdf), (3.pdf)
  11. Rajamani Narayanan (Florida) - rajamani.narayanan at
    Continuum Reduction in Large N Gauge Theory (1.pdf )
  12. John Negele (MIT) - negele at
    Using Lattice QCD to Understand the Structure of Hadrons
  13. Herbert Neuberger (Rutgers) - neuberg at
    Large N Phase Transitions under Scaling and Their Uses (1.pdf )
  14. Niels Obers (NBI) - obers at
    Recent Developments for Higher-Dimensional Black Holes (1.pdf ), (2.pdf )
  15. Niall O'Murchadha (Cork) - niall at
    Quasilocal Energy in General Relativity
  16. Jan M. Pawlowski (Heidelberg) - j.pawlowski at
    Confinement & Chiral Symmetry Breaking from Functional Methods (1.pdf )
  17. Roberto Percacci (Trieste) - percacci at
    A Particle Physicist's Approach to Gravity (1.pdf )
  18. Mukund Rangamani (Durham) - mukund.rangamani at
    Holography for Non-relativistic CFTs (1.pdf )
  19. Francesco Sannino (CP3-Origins, Univ. of South. Denmark) - sannino at
    Conformal Dynamics from LHC to Cosmology (1.pdf ), (2.pdf ), (3.pdf )
  20. Andrzej Staruszkiewicz (Krakow) - staruszkiewicz at
    A Good Problem: the Only Way to Good Physics
  21. Michael Teper(Oxford) - m.teper at
    Large N Flux Tubes as Strings; Near-Conformality - Some Lattice Perspectives (1.pdf ), (2.pdf )
  22. Arkady Vainshtein (Minnesota) - vainshte at
    Theory of the Muon Anomalous Magnetic Moment (1.pdf )