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Marian Smoluchowski (1872-1917) was a famous Polish physicist who made an outstanding contribution to the field of natural sciences. He conducted research on various topics although mostly cited are his works focused on understanding of Brownian motion and formulating the stochastic theory of diffusion. Smoluchowski worked on kinetic theory at the same time as Albert Einstein. The most significant impact of Smoluchowski to contemporary science is the equation named after him. Today, Marian Smoluchowski is one of the most frequently cited Polish physicists, despite of the fact that his last publication appeared in 1917.

Smoluchowski equation was used directly, without the reference to his original work (German, French, Polish). In 1905 and 1906 Einstein and Smoluchowski independently published the explanation of the Brownian motion phenomena, based solely on the assumptions of the kinetic theory of matter, according to which irregular motions of the grains are caused by subsequent collisions with medium particles.

To celebrate 100-year anniversary of that publication and as a tribute to the memory of Marian Smoluchowski, we organize the conference meeting presenting contemporary trends in science exploring and making use of the theory of stochastic processes and diffusion.

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