62. Cracow School of Theoretical Physics


  1. Pawel BRÜCKMAN DE RENSTROM mail (Institute of Nuclear Physics, PAS, Krakow )
    Highlights from Run 2 of the LHC
  2. Jon BUTTERWORTH mail (University College London)
    Model-independent measurements
  3. Staszek JADACH mail (Institute of Nuclear Physics, PAS, Krakow )
    Monte Carlo simulation of FCCee physics
  4. Albrecht KYRIELEIS mail (Jacobs Manchester)
    Industrial applications
  5. Jonas LINDERT mail (The University of Sussex)
    Aspects of the EW Standard Model
  6. Leif LÖNNBLAD mail (Lund University)
    Introduction to Event Generators
  7. Michelangelo MANGANO mail (CERN)
    The future and challenges of HEP
  8. Simon PLÄTZER mail (University of Graz and University of Vienna )
    Parton Shower, Matching and Merging
  9. Ramon WINTERHALDER mail (CP3, Louvain-la-Neuve)
    Machine Learning in HEP


      Christian GUTSCHOW mail (University College London) Tutorial coordinator