59. Cracow School of Theoretical Physics

Probing the Violent Universe with multimessenger eyes:
gravitational waves, high-energy neutrinos, gamma rays, and cosmic rays

June 14-22, 2019
Tatra Mountains, Zakopane, Poland


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Arrival (Friday, June 14, 2019)

We recommend that you take one of the flights to Krakow (see the Krakow Airport web page) arriving in Krakow before 5 p.m. We will provide a conference bus from Krakow to Zakopane on June 14 departing at 6 p.m. from the parking lot between the former Chemistry and Biology Departments at Ingardena street, which can be reached by the airport taxi or by city bus #208 (getting off at the Czarnowiejska bus stop).

If your plane arrives later than 5 p.m. you might consider arriving one day earlier and staying one night in Krakow, or continue the journey by regular bus services to Zakopane. You will need approximately 45 min. to reach the bus terminal (see below), and approximately 2.5 hrs to get to Zakopane by bus. There are many buses to Zakopane (e.g. "Szwagropol" bus company time table - choose Krakow MDA as a starting point). Tickets (approximately 20 PLN) can be purchased on board. Buses to Zakopane leave from the upper level of the bus terminal.

Most convenient connection from the airport to the city center is provided by train service leaving from the airport every 30 minutes. Tickets (9 PLN) can be purchased on board or in the vending machines at the platform. After arriving in Krakow main train station go to the bus terminal located to the left with respect to train direction. Take one of the underground passages and follow the signs to the bus terminal.

Airport taxi service provides quick, flat rate connections to the city center. There is also regular bus service (#208) to the bus terminal, that takes, however 45-50 min.

After arriving in Zakopane take a taxi to "Belvedere" hotel, ul. Droga do Białego 3, 34-500 Zakopane, tel: +48 18 20 21 200.


International bus company Flixbus opened new direct connections from the Krakow airport to Zakopane at 10:35 and 18:35 daily. Return connections are at 6:55 and 14:35 from Zakopane. Estimated time: 3 hrs. Ticket prices starting from 39.99 PLN.

Taxis in Krakow

Use one of the big taxi companies or  take a taxi that is clearly marked with a telephone number starting with 19... and the name of the company (like Barbakan, Rotunda, Grosik, Partner or MPT ). Then the ride from the airport to the city should not exceed 80-90 zloty on working days. The ride inside the city center is approximately 20-25 zloty. If you arrive in Krakow by train or by bus and want to take a taxi, use taxi stand located on a parking lot above the train platforms.

Departure (Saturday, June 22, 2019)

The conference bus will depart to Krakow right after the early breakfast at approximately 8:30 a.m. allowing you to catch flights leaving Krakow after 11 a.m. Regular bus service from Zakopane starts before 6 a.m. allowing you to catch flights departing from Krakow at 10 a.m. approximately. If your flight is earlier in the morning consider an option to stay overnight in Krakow.

Free day (Tuesday, June 18, 2019)

On the free day only breakfast and late dinner at 8 p.m. will be served (grill party with folk music). Box lunches will be provided on request.

If you cannot stay for the whole period of the School you might consider departing or arriving on June 18.

Google map of Kraków

Here you can find a map showing the city centre and the former Institute of Physics at 4 Reymonta street.

In Zakopane

See Google map of Zakopane including conference site and bus/train stations. Conference site is 35 min. uphill walking from the bus station.

Conference participants will be located in:

Hotel "Belvedere"
ul. Droga do Białego 3
34-500 Zakopane
tel: +48 18 20 21 200

Weather in Zakopane

Typically weather in Zakopane is rather unstable this time of the year. One can expect both high temperatures and Sun and heavy rains or even snow. Check local weather at

Note that Tatra Mountains are of Alpine character and hiking requires good hiking or trecking boots. Usually in May/June there is still some snow in the upper parts, so warm jacket is also required. Please see http://www.ezakopane.pl/poland/equipment.html