58. Cracow School of Theoretical Physics

Machine Learning Meets Fundamental Theory

June 15-23, 2018
Tatra Mountains, Zakopane, Poland

General information

Neurosciences witness an explosion of large volume and high density neural data triggered by the emergence of novel technologies. The obvious enthusiasm for harvesting such data contrast with the scarcity of fundamental theory aimed at understanding its origin. Thus, a variety of significant problems remain orphan including consciousness, coma, dynamical brain states, aging and brain deterioration, madness and depression, just to mention a few theoretical efforts awaiting.

The School aims to develop and foster a dialogue between these two apparently disconnected facets: the mining of neural data and the fundamental theory of brain function.

The School will concentrate on the latest machine learning technologies applied to neural data. The Workshop will be devoted to the discussion of fundamental theory and the identification of fruitful interfaces with machine learning, leading to eventual collaborations.