57. Cracow School of Theoretical Physics

2017 - Marian Smoluchowski Memorial Year

Entanglement and Dynamics

June 13 -21, 2017
Zakopane, Poland

School organized in the framework of Conferences on Quantum Technologies

General information

The Cracow School of Theoretical Physics is organized yearly since 1961 in Zakopane, winter and summer resort town located in the High Tatra Mountains approximately 100 km South of a historical city of Krakow, a former capital of Poland. The subject of the School varied over the years being concentrated on topics related to high energy physics and fundametal interactions including gravity. For more details see our home page.

This year the event combines the advanced school on "Entanglement and Dynamics" together with traditional Quantum Technologies conference. The school character will be realized by 10 key lecturers who will provide introduction to their subjects together with most recent developments. The subjects will include tensor networks, gauge theories in optical lattices, quantum thermodynamics to entanglement in high energy physics experiments and possible entanglement in biology. The participants (post-docs, senior PhD students) will be given an opportunity to deliver short 20 minutes talks.