Cracow School of Theoretical Physics, LI Course, 2011
Soft side of the LHC

June 11-19, 2011

Saturday, June 11 - arrival in the evening
Wednesday, June 15 - free day
Sunday, June 19 - departure after breakfast

Place: Zakopane (Tatra Mountains), Poland

Topics include:

  • results on pp and heavy ions from the LHC,
  • multiplicity distributions, correlations, scaling properties,
  • phenomenological models,
  • QCD at high energies, high densities and temperatures,
  • nonperturbative methods: lattices, AdS/CFT and others,
  • perturbative QCD,
  • Standard Model and beyond,
  • astroparticle physics.

The School is organized by

Organizing Committee

Andrzej Bialas
Leszek Motyka
Michal Praszalowicz
Elzbieta Richter-Was
Mariusz Sadzikowski
Jacek Wosiek