assistant professor   Zbigniew Duliński
assistant professor   Marek Pałka
             professor  Wiesław Płaczek
             professor  Elżbieta Richter-W±s
             professor  Wojciech Słomiński
professor and head  Jerzy Szwed
 Tomasz Przedziński
 Łukasz Gaża

Contact information  

Wiesław Płaczek
+48 12 664 4564


Research interest  

- Particle Physics
- Quantum Field Theory
- Radiative Corrections to Standard Model Processes
- Monte Carlo Event Generators for High Energy Physics
- Modeling of Continuus and Discrete Processes with
  Monte Carlo Techniques
- Concurrent and Distributed Computing
- Quantum Information and Quantum Computers


- Computer Science for Physics students
- Computer Science for Law students
- Computer Science for Mathematical and Natural
  Sciences students
- Tools of Computer Science
- Operating Systems
- Monte Carlo Methods
- Software of Physics Experiments
- Optimisation Methods
- Mathematical Analysis
- Theoretical Mechanics
- Physics for Chemistry students

 Teaching materials [in Polish]

Ph.D. thesis (1993)

QED radiative corrections in deep inelastic neutral current ep scattering: Monte Carlo treatment
Habilitation (2002)
Monte Carlo generators for W- and Z-pair production processes in high-energy electron-positron collisions
Long term visits
Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN, USA,
Post-doctoral Research Associate: 01.10.1994 - 30.09.1997
CERN, Geneva, Switzerland, Corresponding Associate: 01.08.2000 - 31.01.2001
  Publications from QSPIRES
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