assistant professor   Zbigniew Duliński
assistant professor   Marek Pałka
             professor  Wiesław Płaczek
             professor  Elżbieta Richter-W±s
             professor  Wojciech Słomiński
professor and head  Jerzy Szwed
 Tomasz Przedziński
 Łukasz Gaża

Contact information  

Elżbieta Richter-W±s
+48 12 664 4802


Research interest  

- Phenomenology of collider physics (LHC, SM and
  MSSM Higgs)
- Monte Carlo Event Generators for High Energy Physics
- Modeling of Continuous and Discrete Processes with
  Monte Carlo Techniques
- Fast simulation of LHC detectors
- Physics with tau leptons at colliders experiments

Convenor of the Higgs Working Group of ATLAS experiment at LHC (1995-2002)
Convenor of the Combined Performance Tau Working Group of ATLAS experiment at LHC (2007-2009)
Coordinator of the pp physics group of ATLAS Cracow group at IFJ-PAN
Coauthor of the fast simulation of ATLAS Detector

European Grants  
Coordinator of the polish node in the Marie Curie Research Training Network (2006-2010)

Chair of the conferences
ATLAS Workshop on Tau Lepton Physics, Cracow 2007
ATLAS Workshop on Tau Lepton Physics, Dresden 2008


- Monte Carlo Methods
- Software for Physics Experiments
- Physics beyond Standard Model
- Theoretical Foundations of Computer Science

 Teaching materials [in Polish]

Ph.D. thesis (1988)

Spin structure of the proton in standard and SUSY QCD
Habilitation (1997)
The SM and MSSM Higgs rates and backgrounds in ATLAS
Long term visits
CPPM, Université Aix-Marseille (1988-1989)
CERN (1992-1994), (1998-2000), (2002-2003), (2008)
Editorial boards
Member of the ATLAS Collaboration Editorial Board (1999-2002)
Other panels
Member of the Physics Coordination of ATLAS Collaboration (1998-2002), (2007-2008)
Member of the Advisory Committee of the Atlas Collaboration Board (1998-2000)
  Publications from QSPIRES
Publications from ATLAS Collaboration DataBase
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