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Wednesday, August 28
900-930 Maciej A. Nowak Opening address
930-1030 Antonio Politi Onset of nontrivial collective behavior in neural networks
1030-1130 Daniel Wójcik Current sources of electrical activity in the brain: modeling and reconstruction from data
1130-1200 Coffee break
1200-1300 Alessandro Torcini Sisyphus effect in neural networks with spike-timing dependent plasticity
1315-1500 Lunch break
1500-1600 Bogusław Tomanek Brain imaging: Functional MRI and neuronal fiber tracking - challenges and opportunities
1900-2130 Get-together Party
Thursday, August 29
930-1030 Włodzisław Duch Autism spectrum disorders and ADHD: some conclusions from computational simulations
1030-1050 Michał Cieśla Click The Bomb! The implicit learning study using social networks
1050-1110 Michał Sznajder Human learning abilities in using different types of physical human-computer interfaces
1110-1125 Karol Trojanowski Frequency-locking and pattern formation in the Kuramoto model with Manhattan delay
1130-1200 Coffee break
1200-1300 Miguel Rubi Exocytosis of serotonin in the neuronal soma
1315-1500 Lunch break
  Session on fractals and synchronization
1500-1530 Michał Kurzyński Fractal versus small-world networks of conformational transitions in protein molecular machines
1530-1545 Monika Krasowska Fractal geometry characterization of polimeric materials
1545-1600 Anna Strzelewicz Studies on fractal structure of magnetic membranes
1600-1615 Krzysztof Siekański Modeling unsymmetrical synchronization with dominant agents
1630-1700 Coffee break
1900-2200 Conference Dinner
Friday, August 30
930-1030 Lutz Schimansky-Geier Stochastic phase oscillators in complex networks
1030-1100 Simona Olmi Linear stability in networks of pulse-coupled neurons
1100-1130 Marzena Ciszak Experimental study of firing death in a network of chaotic FitzHugh-Nagumo neurons
1130-1200 Coffee break
1200-1300 Dante Chialvo Criticality in brain's physics and mind dynamics
1315-1500 Lunch break
1340-1440 Visit to Collegium Maius museum
  Session on anomalous transport
1500-1530 Bartłomiej Dybiec Universal and particular properties of anomalous diffusion
1530-1545 Tadeusz Kosztołowicz Fractional hyperbolic subdiffusion-reaction equation
1545-1600 Maciej Majka A model for environment induced interaction between interacting colloid particles
1600-1615 Katarzyna Lewandowska Simulation of subdiffusion-reaction systems
1615-1630 Mateusz Piwnik Nonlinear subdiffusion-reaction equation
1630-1700 Coffee break
1700-1800 Benjamin Lindner Complex patterns of neural interspike intervals - origin, function, and analytical approaches
Saturday, August 31
930-1000 Angelo Di Garbo Sensorimotor stimulation and long-range correlation properties of cortical signals
1000-1045 Jan Jacek Żebrowski Monitoring of autonomic nervous system development by multiscale multifractal analysis of fetal heart rate variability
1045-1130 Danuta Makowiec Complexity of the heart rhythm after heart transplantation by transition networks for increments of RR -time intervals between heartbeats
1130-1145 Dorota Wejer Signal preprocessing and assessment of signal complexity - case of signals with intervals between cardiac interbeats
1145-1215 Coffee break
1215-1230 Ryszard Wojnar Pinwheels and poles of meromorphic functions
1230-1245 Piotr Weber Analysis of quantum and classical modified standard map
1245-1300 Closing of the Conference
1315-1500 Lunch break
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