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General information

I graduated in theoretical physics (as a part of Interdisciplinary Studies in Mathematics and Natural Sciences programme) and took my doctorate at the Jagiellonian University. At the moment I am a postdoc at the Department of Theory of Complex Systems, I am supervised by prof. Maciej A. Nowak and I collaborate with prof. Z. Burda in a Maestro grant Interdisciplinary applications of random matrix theory. I conduct grants financed by the National Science Centre of Poland: Sonata 9, titled Application of the complex systems theory in multidimensional fluctuation analysis of human brain EEG signals (grant no. 2015/17/D/ST2/03492) and Preludium 5, titled Statistical foundations in detection of modular structures in complex networks (grant no. 2013/09/N/ST6/01419). My Phd studies (2009-2013) were funded from the scholarship of the Foundation for Polish Science (Fundacja Nauki Polskiej www.fnp.org.pl), the project Dynamical systems on complex networks within the Jagellonian University International PhD Studies in Physics of Complex Systems (http://www.mpd.if.uj.edu.pl). I have been awarded the scholarship for PhD students for outstanding achievements by the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education in 2013.

Research interests

In general: synchronisation, epidemic modelling, percolation theory, complex networks. Also linguistics and translation.

Recently, I study maximal entropy random walk (MERW). More on that topic in the article  http://arxiv.org/abs/1004.3667  and the interactive demonstration  Generic Random Walk and Maximal Entropy Random Walk from the Wolfram Demonstrations Project   (my own papers and other material in the section below).


I have conducted the courses:

  • statistical field theory (classes, 4th y. students of theoretical physics, 1 semester),
  • discrete mathematics (classes, 1st/2nd y. students of applied computer science, 1 semester),
  • supplementary lectures in mathematics  (classes, 1st y.  students  of physics/biophysics/..., 1 semester),
  • 1st physics laboratory (1 semester).

Recent papers

  1. J.K. Ochab, W. Tarnowski, M.A. Nowak, D.R. Chialvo, "On the pros and cons of using temporal derivatives to assess brain functional connectivity," złożony (2018) (preprint available: arXiv:1803.05048 [q-bio.NC]).
  2. G. Franzini, M. Kestemont, G. Rotari, M. Jander, J.K. Ochab, E. Franzini, J. Byszuk, J. Rybicki, "Attributing authorship in the noisy digitized correspondence of Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm," Front. Digit. Humanit. (2018) (preprint available in September 2018).
  3. J.K. Ochab, "Tłumacz rzeczy Randalla Munroe: zadania tłumacza książki objaśniającej świat obrazami," ed. A. Hołobut and J. Jankowski, Przekładaniec, A Journal of Translation Studies 34-35 (2017), in press.
  4. M.B. Paradowski, J.K. Ochab, A. Cierpich, Chih-Chun Chen, "How Output Outweighs Input and Interlocutors Matter for Study-Abroad SLA: Novel Insights from Social Network Analysis of Learner Interactions," In preparation (preprint available at:  ).
  5. E. Gudowska-Nowak, J.K. Ochab, K. Oleś, E. Beldzik, D.R. Chialvo, A. Domagalik, M. Fąfrowicz, T. Marek, M.A. Nowak, H. Ogińska, J. Szwed and J. Tyburczyk, "Seeking a fingerprint: analysis of point processes in actigraphy recording," J. Stat. Mech., 054034 (2016) (preprint available at: arXiv:1507.08817 [q-bio.NC]).
  6. J.K. Ochab, "Reinventing the Triangles: Rule of Thumb for Assessing Detectability," IEEE/Signal-Image Technology & Internet-Based Systems (SITIS), 2015 11th International Conference on. IEEE Computer Society; DOI:10.1109/SITIS.2015.44 (available preprint: arXiv:1511.00906  [cs.SI]).
  7. J.K. Ochab, "Stylometric networks and fake authorships," Leonardo 50, 502 (2017).
  8. D.R. Chialvo, A.M. Gonzalez Torrado, E. Gudowska-Nowak, J.K. Ochab, P. Montoya, M.A. Nowak, E. Tagliazucchi, "How we move is universal: Scaling in the average shape of human activity," Papers in Physics 7, 070017 (2015) (open access).
  9. J.K. Ochab, H. Nagel, W. Janke, B. Waclaw, "A simple non-equilibrium, statistical-physics toy model of thin-film growth," J. Stat. Mech., P09013 (2015) (preprint available at: : arXiv:1506.03483v1  [cond-mat./stat-mech]).
  10. J.K. Ochab, J. Tyburczyk, et. al, "Scale-free fluctuations in behavioral performance: Delineating changes in spontaneous behavior of humans with induced sleep deficiency," PLoS One (2014) e107542; DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0107542 (open access).
  11. J.K. Ochab, Z. Burda, "Maximal entropy random walk in community finding," Eur. Phys. J-Spec. Top. 216, 73-81 (2013) (preprint available at: arXiv:1208.3688  [physics.soc-ph]).
  12. J.K. Ochab, "Maximal-entropy random walk unifies centrality measures," Phys. Rev. E 86, 066109 (2012) (preprint available at: arXiv:1206.4094v2  [physics.soc-ph]).
  13. J.K. Ochab, "Maximal Entropy Random Walk: solvable cases of dynamics," Acta Phys. Pol. B 43, 1143 (2012) (preprint available at: arXiv:1202.1160v1  [cond-mat./stat-mech]).
  14. J.K. Ochab, Z. Burda, "Exact solution for statics and dynamics of Maximal Entropy Random Walk on Cayley trees,"  Phys. Rev. E 85, 021145 (2012) (preprint available at: arXiv:1201.1420v1  [cond-mat.stat-mech]).
  15. J.K. Ochab, P.F. Góra, "Shift of percolation thresholds for epidemic spread between static and dynamic small-world networks, "Eur. Phys. J. B 81, 373€“379 (2011); DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1140/epjb/e2011-10975-6 (open access).
  16. J. Ochab, P.F. Góra, "Synchronization of coupled oscillators in a local one-dimensional Kuramoto Model," Acta Phys. Pol. B, Proceedings Supplement 3, 453 (2010).



Presentations, posters and files

  1. J. K. Ochab "Reinventing the Triangles: Rule of Thumb for Assessing Detectability," The 11th International Conference on Signal Image Technology & Internet Based Systems, Bangkok, 2015 POSTER.
  2. Notice by Polish Press Agency - Science and Scholarship in Poland: Osoby wyspane odpoczywają… spokojniej niż niewyspane [in Polish].
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  8. J.K. Ochab, P.F. Góra, "Epidemic thresholds for a static and dynamic small-world network," Random geometry and applications, NORDITA, Stockholm, 2010PRESENTATION.
  9. Epidemic spread on a dynamic small-world network, ANIMATION (green pixels = susceptible, red = removed/recovered, yellow = infected/infectious; blue lines = long-range dynamic links that enhance the epidemic''s speed, range and toll).