PRELIMINARY PROGRAMME (little changes still possible)
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Saturday, September 12
2000 Get-together Party
Sunday, September 13
800-900 Breakfast
900-1030 Free time
1030-1100 Coffee
  Chairperson: Lutz Schimansky-Geier
1100-1115 Ewa Gudowska-Nowak Opening address
1115-1145 Karina Weron Over- and undershoot compound subordination. Anomalous diffusion - relaxation consequences
1145-1215 Andrzej Fuliński First-passage times and related characteristics of anomalous diffusion
1215-1245 Igor M. Sokolov Nonergodicity in continuous-time random walk models
1300-1400 Lunch
  Chairperson: M. Howard Lee
1500-1530 Lutz Schimansky-Geier Increase of Coherence in Excitable Systems by Delayed Feedback
1530-1600 Bernardo Spagnolo Environmental Noise and Nonlinear Relaxation in Biological Systems
1600-1630 Hyunggyu Park Collective synchronization in a large population of random frequency oscillators
1630-1700 Coffee
1700-1900 Free time
1900 Dinner
Monday, September 14
800-900 Breakfast
  Chairperson: Hyunggyu Park
900-930 Gerhard Schmid Entropic Particle Transport
930-1000 Zdzisław Burda Maximal Entropy Random Walk
1000-1030 Ryszard Zygadło Thermodynamical Quantities and Relativity
1030-1100 Coffee
  Chairperson: Sighart F. Fischer
1100-1130 Robert Hołyst Viscosity in polymer solutions at nano and macroscale
1130-1200 Francesc Sagués Dynamical regimes of individually actuated paramagnetic colloids
1200-1230 Marcin Fiałkowski Polymer-induced phase separation and ordering in ionic surfactants
1300-1400 Lunch
  Chairperson: Zbigniew J. Grzywna
1500-1700 Pre-poster session
Non-obligatory, but strongly advised: Authors of posters may choose not to participate in the Pre-poster Session. Those who participate advertise their posters on a "three by three" basis.
1700-1730 Coffee
1900 Dinner
Tuesday, September 15
800-900 Breakfast
  Free time (excursions)
No lunch is served
1900-2000 Concert
2000 Formal dinner
Wednesday, September 16
800-900 Breakfast
  Chairperson: Bernardo Spagnolo
900-930 Jörn Dunkel Nonlocal observables and lightcone-averaging in relativistic thermodynamics
930-1000 M. Howard Lee Ergometric theory of the ergodic hypothesis
1000-1030 Dmitry Postnov Noise-controlled pattern formation in "fire-diffuse-fire" model of neural tissue
1030-1100 Coffee
  Chairperson: Robert Hołyst
1100-1130 Sighart F. Fischer Universal power-law model for the random fluctuations in the fluorescence of Cd Se/ZnS quantum dots
1130-1150 Danuta Makowiec Multifractal estimators of short-time autonomic control of the heart rate
1300-1400 Lunch
  Chairperson: Aleksander Weron
1500-1530 Karol Życzkowski On statistics of scientific citations and performance indices
1530-1550 Piotr Garbaczewski Lévy flights in confining potentials
1550-1610 Davide Valenti Moment equations in a system of three interacting species subject to colored noise
1610-1630 Coffee
1630-1900 Poster session
1900 Dinner
2000 Poster session (continued)
Thursday, September 17
800-900 Breakfast
900 Departure (bus to Kraków)
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