Cracow School of Theoretical Physics, XXXIX Course, 1999

List of speakers and topics (see also the program):


H. Arodz (Cracow) Colour dielectric models from lattice SU(3)_c gauge theory 
A. Capella (Orsay)  Standard sources of particle production in heavy ion collisions 
A. Czarnecki (BNL)  Threshold effects in quark production and bound states 
M. Derrick (DESY)  HERA Physics 
H.- G. Dosch  (Heidelberg)  Diffraction processes and nonperturbative QCD 
J. Dziarmaga (LANL/Cracow)  Topological defects from an inhomogeneous quench 
M. Gazdzicki (Frankfurt)  Evidence for quark-gluon plasma from multiparticle production 
C. Gerschel  (CERN)  Evidence for quark-gluon plasma from J/Psi suppression 
A. Hebecker  (Heidelberg)  Diffraction in DIS 
M. Jezabek  (Cracow)  Status of the Standard Model 
F. Krauss  (Dresden)  APACIC++, a parton cascade in C++ 
J. Lach (FNAL)  SELEX - the Fermilab charmed baryon experiment
P. Malecki (Cracow)  ATLAS - detector
L. McLerran (Minnesota)  Physics of high gluon density and small x 
L. Motyka (Cracow)  QCD pomeron in e+ e- collisions 
S. Pokorski  (Warsaw)  SUSY phenomenology 
A. Radyushkin  (ODU/JLab)  Skewed parton distribuitions 
J. Rafelski  (Arizona)  (Strange) hadrons from QGP at SPS energies 
E. Richter-Was  (Cracow)  ATLAS - physics program 
G. Salam  (Milano)  Small x physics 
D. Schiff  (Orsay)  Propagation of partons in hot matter 
P. Singer  (Technion)  Rare decays of heavy quarks - a searching ground for new physics 
Radiative decays of heavy mesons and the determination of the strong g-coupling constant
A. Stasto (Cracow)  Low x QCD and penetration of ultrahigh energy neutrinos through Earth 
R. Venugopalan (BNL)  From virtual dream to hard reality: gluon production in high energy nuclear collisions

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