List of registered participants

This list shows all the people who registered to the School. Note, that the e-mail addresses have been malformed - this is done on purpose, so that so-called "robots", which scan the internet in search for e-mail addresses do not find them. Otherwise, those e-mails could be entered into various databases used for spamming purposes. If you wish to write an e-mail to one of the participants, click his/her e-mail address and then - once the "New Email" window appears - correct the address manually by replacing phrase "_at_" with "@".

NoNameAffiliatione-mail address
1Arodz, HenrykKrakow/
2Avsar, EmilLund
4Bialas, AndrzejKrakow/
5Bialkowska, HelenaWarsaw IPJ/
6Bzdak, AdamKrakow/
7Chojnacki, MikolajKrakow/IFJ
8Fiałkowski, KrzysztofKrakow/
9Florkowski, WojciechKielce/AS - Krakow/IFJ
10Golab-Meyer, ZofiaKrakow/
11Golec-Biernat, KrzysztofKrakow/IFJ
12Heller, MichalKrakow/
13Jacak, BarbaraStony Brook
14Janda, ArturKrakow/
16Kinasiewicz, BoguszKrakow/
17Kisielewska, DanutaKrakow/
18Klimas, PawelKrakow/
20Korcyl, PiotrKrakow/
21Kotanski, AndrzejKrakow/
22Kotanski, JanKrakow/
23Luszczak, AgnieszkaKrakow/IFJ
24Malecki, PiotrKrakow/IFJ PAN
25Marquet, CyrilleSPhT/
27Motyka, LeszekDESY Krakow/UJ
28Munier, StephaneCPT, Ecole
29Nakamura, AtsushiRIISE, Hiroshima
30Pasechnik, RomanMoscow State
31Peschanski, RobiSPhT,
33Praszalowicz, MichalKrakow/
34Prorok, DariuszWroclaw
35Rafelski, JanUniversity of
36Rojek, GrażynaKrakow/
37Romanczukiewicz, TomaszKrakow/
38Royon, ChristopheDAPNIA-SPP
39Sachrajda, ChristopherUniversity of
40Sadzikowski, MariuszKrakow/
41Sapeta, SebastianKrakow/
43Sinyukov, YuriBITP
44Siodmok, AndrzejKrakow/
45Sokolowska, DagmaraKrakow/
46Soma, VittorioKrakow/IFJ
47Soyez, GregoryCEA
48Suchanek, PaulinaKrakow/
49Surowka, PiotrKrakow/
50Szwed, JerzyKrakow/
51Sredniawa, BronislawKrakow/
52Turko, LudwikWroclaw
54Wereszczynski, AndrzejKrakow/
55Wosiek, BarbaraKrakow/IFJ PAN
56Wosiek, JacekKrakow/
57Zalewski, KacperKrakow/