Cracow School of Theoretical Physics, XLIII Course, 2003

Fundamental Interactions

COPIRA Includes Workshop on Neural Networks
sponsored by Center of Excellence of the European Comission
                   at the Jagellonian University, Cracow, Poland

Date: 30.05.2003. - 8.06.2003.
Place: ZAKOPANE , Hotel Geovita, Wierchowa 4, (number 8 on the map) tel./fax (++48) (18) 20-66-041 .
Organized by: Institute of Physics, Jagellonian University (Cracow); Institute of Nuclear Physics (Cracow),
                      University of Mining and Metallurgy (Cracow), Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences (Cracow)
Organizing Committee:
      A. Bialas, D. Kisielewska, M. Praszalowicz, E. Richter-Was, 
      W. Slominski, J. Szwed, B. Wosiek,  J. Wosiek; A. Zalewska
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