Sessions (alphabetically) & Conveners

  1. Astroparticle physics (experiments, models for cascades, GZK violation etc.): Paolo Lipari and Henryk Wilczynski 
  2. Bose-Einstein symmetrization effects (derivation of source size and shape, models, effect for disconnected sources etc.): Uli Heinz and Kacper Zalewski 
  3. Collective effects and statistical methods (flows, phase transition signals, single particle spectra): Tamas Csorgo and Wojciech Florkowski 
  4. Correlations and fluctuations of non-BE origin analysis (data and models on non-HBT correlations between hadrons, global and local multiplicity fluctuations etc.): Eddi de Wolf and Danuta Kisielewska 
  5. Diffractive processes (soft and hard diffraction in h-h and l-h collisions): Alexei Kaidalov and Jan Figiel 
  6. Heavy flavours (production issues in e+e¯, e-hadron, and hadron-hadron interactions): Jeff Appel and Maria Rozanska 
  7. Jet physics and MC generators (QCD predictions for jets in l-l, l-h and h-h collisions, jet algorithms, MC generators etc.): Wolfgang Ochs and Jacek Wosiek 
  8. Particle production and propagation in the nuclear matter (jet quenching, color transparency, formation zone etc.): Hans Pirner and Andrzej Bialas 
  9. Small x physics and saturation effects (saturation in QCD and models, unitarity, low x in l-h and h-h collisions): Albert de Roeck and Jan Kwiecinski 
Each session will start with a mini-review and contain 5-10 short talks (20' including discussion). Participants who wish to give a talk are kindly asked to send a preliminary title to one of the appropriate session conveners. The final decision on including a talk in the program will be taken by session organizers.

See full ISMD 2003 program with the time table.